Wipeout HD Videos

I spent a good majority of my day today playing through Wipeout HD on the PlayStation 3. The game plays really well, with improved handling since I encountered it earlier […]

Sony PlayTV Review

Sony’s PlayTV arrived in the office a while back and I was lucky enough to give it a whirl ahead of its release. Aside from an ugly box and a […]

Moving my Blog Host

I’m in the process of setting up another blog, so I thought I would consolidate my hosting to one company. After researching the options, I had a ‘eureka’ moment when […]

guycocker.com on iPhone and iPod Touch

With the new iPod Touch being released yesterday, I thought I should update my blog to work with the site. Thanks to the excellent BraveNewCode plugin, the site should now […]

New GameSpot Videos

It’s been a big week for me, with trips to see Codemasters followed by Leipzig in Germany. Here are a couple of videos from my experience.

Swapping bloodshed for psychological violence

When life-like virtual reality is finally invented, we’ll all just plug ourselves in, feed through a straw and forget the real world ever existed. Until that glorious da though, we […]

Start/Select 20: Cooking Guide, Red Alert 3 and Crysis Warhead

In this brand new edition of Start/Select, me and Alex put the new Nintendo Cooking Guide through its paces, and we head over to EA to speak to the developers […]

GTA IV coming to PC in November

The news that all mouse-n-keyboard aficionados have been waiting for — Rockstar’s GTA IV is coming to the PC! I covered the news story for GameSpot yesterday, which was subsequently […]

My week in games

Although E3 was only a fortnight ago, this week feels like it’s been one of the busiest and most exciting of recent times. First up, I visited Brighton and the […]

My visit to Cloughton beach

My parents live up in a small North Yorkshire town called Filey, and the surrounding area has some amazing beaches and countryside. I try to get out of London once […]