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Metro: Last Light

Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Episode 5 – 03 May 2013 – Mike Bithell, Dan Griliopoulos, Craig Pearson

In this week’s podcast, I’m joined by Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell and journalists Dan Griliopoulos and Craig Pearson to answer your questions, discuss the week’s news, and review […]

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Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Episode 4 – Games Journalism Prize BAFTA Special – 30 May 2013 – Leigh Alexander, Kieron Gillen, Keith Stuart, Jon Hicks, Dan Griliopoulos

In this special edition of the podcast, I visit BAFTA to talk about the first Thumbstar Games Journalism Prize with organiser Dan Griliopoulos, and the panellists on this year’s Games […]

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Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Episode 3 – 27 May 2013 – Aoife Wilson, Tamoor Hussain, Laurie Blake

On this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by OXM UK’s Aoife Wilson, CVG’s Tamoor Hussain, and ITN’s Laurie Blake to talk about the week’s gaming news, including Xbox One, the […]

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Xbox One

Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Xbox One Special – Simon Miller, Matthew Handrahan, Nate Lanxon

On this special episode of the podcast, I attend the official London event for the Xbox One to discover what Microsoft has in store for the next generation of Xbox. I […]

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Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Episode 1 – 14 May 2013 – Jane Douglas, Dan Maher, Lucy James

Me, Jane, Lucy and Dan recording at the Explosive Alan offices on 13 May 2013. The next of my new projects is a new video games podcasts that brings together […]

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